Service conditions

The service conditions shall govern the cooperation and payment of MonPay services between the parties when making an integration using MonPay OPEN API platform.


1.1 Users of MonPay OPEN API platform will be able to use the MonPay OPEN API platform upon the acknowledgement of this service conditions. Users of MonPay OPEN API platform shall sign an "Merchant agreement" with Mobifinance to ensure the full implementation of the API integration.

1.2 The terms used herein are defined as follows:

1.2.1 "MonPay service" means an electronic money service which allows payments to be made through or from a MonPay electronic money account;

1.2.2 "Electronic money" refers to non-cash payment instrument, with monetary value equal to tugrik (MNT), the national currency of Mongolia.;

1.2.3 "Merchant" means an individual or legal entity that receives payment for products and services by MonPay account;

1.2.4 "Customer" means an individual or legal entity who owns an e-money MonPay account and receives e-money services through that account;

1.2.5 "Merchant MonPay Account" means an e-money account opened in MonPay system under the name of Merchant for the purpose of collecting money payments;

1.2.6 "MonPay application" means an application for customers who can manage their e-money and make all kinds of payments and transfers in an easy way;

1.2.7 "Mini application" means an open platform where merchants can offer, sell their products and services to customers by integrating their website into the MonPay application;


The MonPay OPEN API platform is a property of Mobifinance and may not be used for purposes other than making integration using provided APIs.

Parties agree not to disclose any information related with the system connection and operation that have been obtained during the API integration, posting it on the Internet or social networks.

2.1 The merchant shall be solely responsible for any damages incurred in connection with the failure of the transaction due to reasons beyond the control of Mobifinance, such as malfunctioning devices and software of the merchant, erroring, shutting down, disconnecting from the network, or connection restriction.

2.2 The merchant shall be responsible for any disputes and complaints arising from the customers in connection with the merchant's business, production, services or products. For example, any complaints or disputes such as intentional or unintentional misinformation of customers about their products or services, failure to provide discounts or promotions on time, and related complaints and damages.

2.3 Merchants are responsible for development costs and test costs to verify normal operation during the API integration.

2.4 It is prohibited to offer or provide products or services that promote pornography, racism, or religious or political significance.

2.5 The Parties shall ensure the normal, reliable, uninterrupted and safe operation of their respective systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The defaulting party shall be fully responsible for the damage caused by such failure.