Mini App

Check an Invoice

Check invoice. Even though merchant’s webhook will be called after transaction, merchant can check invoice afterwards to make sure about transaction information.

$client = new http\Client;
$request = new http\Client\Request;


$body = new http\Message\Body;

  'Content-Type' => 'application/json',
  'Accept' => 'application/json',
  'Authorization' => 'Bearer {token: Token can be Client credential token or User token}'


$response = $client->getResponse();
echo $response->getBody();
OkHttpClient client = new OkHttpClient().newBuilder().build();

Request request = new Request.Builder()
  .method("GET", null)
  .addHeader("Content-Type", "application/json")
  .addHeader("Accept", "application/json")
  .addHeader("Authorization", "Bearer {token Token can be Client credential token or User token}")

Response response = client.newCall(request).execute();
Method GET
Content-Type application/json
Accept application/json
Authorization Bearer {token}
Parameters Type Description
invoiceId path Generated invoice ID
token header Token
Parameters Type Description
access_token string The token that can be send to API. Next step APIs will be called using this token.
token_type string Token type. (Bearer)
refresh_token string A token that may be used to obtain a new access token, included by default for installed applications. Refresh tokens are valid until the user revokes access. However, for this patch access_token is permanent so we do not user refresh_token yet.
expires_in integer The remaining lifetime of the access token. However, for this patch access_token is permanent so we do not user refresh_token yet.
Response type
Parameters Type Description
code string Status description code
intCode integer Status code
info string Status info
result object Result object contains embedded parameter(s)
Result object parameters
Name Type Description
id integer Invoice unique id
receiver string Receiver value depends on invoiceType.
  • P2B -> Branch username that to sell product
  • P2P -> Customer accountNo that receive invoiced amount
  • B2B -> Organization name
amount double Amount
userId integer Pay user Id
miniAppId integer Mini app id
createDate date Invoice creation date
updateDate date Invoice updated date
status string "NEW", "PAID", "FAILED"
description string Invoice description
txnId string Transaction No
statusInfo string Printable info
redirectUri string redicrectUri that will make transaction complete, that should be opened on web browser.
invoiceType Enum (P2B, P2P, B2B)
  • P2B -> person to merchant
  • P2P -> person to person

  • B2B -> person to MF & MF to organization
bankName (Only B2B connections) Enum



Bank name
bankAccount (Only B2B connections) string Bank account number
bankAccountName (Only B2B connections) string Bank account owner name