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Mini App platform is designed for MonPay merchants who need to introduce and sell their product and services to the customers by embedding their website to the MonPay application.

Clients who want to embed their product and service’s website to the MonPay app, needs to complete following steps.

Endpoint specifications:

  • Token endpoint:

  • Resource endpoint:*

Basic Concept

After successful integration as MiniApp, general payment workflow can be demonstrated like shown below:

Preparation work:

  • Step 1. -Mobifinance should create MiniApp with logo and website link of the merchant on MonPay application. And send client id & client secret keys to the merchant.

  • Step 2.Merchant’s developer should install test environment android MonPay application from the link which Mobifinance have provided. And login using phone number.

  • Step 3.By clicking ‘’Online services’’ menu on home page of the MonPay application, merchant’s developer can see own miniapp. When clicking merchant’s miniapp icon, first request will be called from MonPay’s backend to merchant’s website with code parameter, shown in the process below.

Single request process sequence diagram

Pink colored steps should be developed and implemented by merchant backend.