Privacy policy

1. Mobifinance safely keeps our partner’s information such as their main business, income, outcome. We do not share those information for any third parties by any purpose.

2. Partner organization must keep customer’s phone number, name and email address safely by security standards. Without the customer’s consent never pass it to other parties or share to public.

3. Partner organization should follow this policy and API documentation when integrating API to their own system.

4. Partner organization is fully responsible for their own system’s security and reliability.

5. Business activities using the our API must be in according to applicable law or any other regulations of Mongolia and must not harmful to the country or the public.

6. If partner organization do not fulfill the obligation of contract or has any illegal activities found with them, Mobifinance has full capability to stop the service immediately.

7. Partner organization has full responsibility for any illegal activities if they done.

8. For becoming our partner and using our API to your system does not make us a liable to your organization’s business process or profit growth.

9. The Mobifinance reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of policy when it needed. By this policy we have no responsibility to inform to partners about policy change.