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MonPay Deeplink payment feature is designed for MonPay merchants who has their website or mobile app and need to sell their product and services to the customers.
 We offer our MonPay customers and payment solution to merchants who want to increase their revenue, enhance user experience and add new payment channel.

Clients who want to use MonPay application deeplink payment and integrate payment channel with their system, needs to complete following steps:

Sequence diagram

Before generating invoice on MonPay, client should obtain access token using client id and client secret provided by Mobifinance . After fetching access token client can go calling further requests. 
With access token client will send generate invoice request on MonPay backend also can check that invoice.

While sending create invoice request Client should send redirect uri (webhook) with structure provided on this document. Hence, after user paid invoice MonPay backend will notify client with that webhook.

If user did not installed MonPay application beforehand, then user will be redirected to MonPay download page on App store or Play store.